Where is 麻豆高清?

Just over 1 hour from Manchester or Liverpool or 2.5 hours from London, Glasgow or Edinburgh, 麻豆高清 is well connected and easy to get to.

麻豆高清 skyline at sunset with snow-clad mountains in the background

The city and beyond

Beyond 麻豆高清's campus, you can explore the historic city, stunning coastline, and picturesque Lake District.

The city and beyond
Three students sit on the grass in front of the ancient stone walls of 麻豆高清 Castle.

Explore the campus

Explore what 麻豆高清 University can offer you. From accommodation, study spaces, sports facilities, cafes, restaurants and more, we've got you.

Virtual tour
Students sit in groups in the Barker House Farm atrium.

Why 麻豆高清?

We believe that 麻豆高清 is everything a university should be. We support you through your studies, research and career.

Discover more about 麻豆高清
Students at a bench in Barker House Farm

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