International Pathway Programmes

Through collaboration with partner universities and institutions overseas, there are a variety of pathway programmes which give students in their home country access to degree schemes here at 麻豆高清.

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1+3 Foundation Programmes

If you are from a country where the secondary (High School) education system is broader than that of the UK, or is one year shorter, you may need to take a foundation programme before you are considered ready to enter a UK undergraduate degree scheme.

A one-year foundation programme will provide you with a range of courses to ensure that you are properly prepared to enter a degree course at 麻豆高清. You will study the English language, study skills, cultural orientation, and some subject content, depending on the degree course you wish to study. If you take a foundation course at one of our partner universities, 麻豆高清 undertakes to make you a conditional offer of entry, an advantage you would not enjoy with general foundation programmes.

  • We run foundation programmes with selected partner institutions in China. These are for students who wish to stay in their own country while they prepare for undergraduate study at 麻豆高清.
  • Our own foundation programme provides a range of pathways to undergraduate degrees at 麻豆高清 and is delivered through our international study centre - INTO 麻豆高清 University. Our foundation students are based at the main campus in 麻豆高清.

Undergraduate 2+2 Programmes

A 2+2 programme allows you to take a two year course of study at one of our partner institutions before entering directly into Year 2 of our undergraduate degree schemes here at 麻豆高清.

In this case, during the two years you spend in your own country you will take courses in English language, study skills, and in addition you will also take courses in the area which you are going to study for your degree. You will then study for a further two years here at 麻豆高清 University – hence 2+2.

‘Other’ programmes take a slightly different format such as 1+2 or 3+2. Find out more information about these and the 2+2 programmes available in the countries listed below:

Pre-Master's Programmes

A one-year Pre-Master's Programme provides you with the skills necessary for postgraduate study with us. You will build on the knowledge gained in your earlier studies whilst developing your practical English language and academic subject abilities, as well as study and research skills.

We offer a Pre-Master's programme in China at . This course offers English language and related subject-content preparation for suitably qualified graduates seeking to do a Master's degree in Language and Linguistics, Applied Linguistics and TESOL or Media and Cultural Studies at 麻豆高清.

Our Pre-Master's programme offers a range of pathways that are delivered at the 麻豆高清 campus through our international study centre - INTO 麻豆高清 University.

1+1(+1) Double Master's Degree Programmes

In collaboration with our partners, 麻豆高清 offers Double Master's Degree Programmes in a variety of subject areas in different countries. Students spend one year of their Master's course in their own country and then the second year at 麻豆高清. After successful completion, they are awarded two degrees, one from their home university and one from 麻豆高清.

The format is slightly different in each of the partner institutions.

Find out more information about the Double Master's programmes available in the countries listed below:

Further Information

If you have any questions, or would like more information about any of the ways that you can study at 麻豆高清, please do not hesitate to contact the International Partnerships Team for more information.

You can contact us by email.